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Sewer Line Air Pressure Test

The Sewer System - A Shared Responsibility 

It takes both homeowners and sewer agencies doing their part to keep the sewer system from overflowing into the environment.  Read more >

Videoing Sewer Lines

AGM Testing has "state of the art" video equipment for those times when the inside of a sewer line needs to be viewed.  Read more >

Locating Sewer Line Clean-outs

Sometimes the sewer clean outs get buried under pine needles, land scaping, several feet of snow or may not have been installed (older homes).  We have the ability to use our locating equipment to pin point these lost or mismarked locations.

Sewer Line Repairs

AGM Testing has the ability to fix leaks and make repairs to bring sewer line risers, boxes, and lids up to code to pass the "ordinance air pressure test" .  We have also partnered with other construction companies to take care of replacement sewer line or new installs.



My name is Garry Morgan and I am the sole owner of AGM Testing. I have lived in the Truckee North Tahoe area for 33 years where I have been involved with many aspects of construction, both underground and above ground.
My goal is to work with real estate agents, contractors, and home owners to conduct repairs and pass the "sewer ordinance test" or video the sewer line in a new constructed building for final permit sign off or locate a break or blockage. 
Communication and returning calls, texts, and emails is a priority to me to help achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.  Over the years I have enjoyed family adventures, raising my kids and being involved in different volunteer activities in the community along with enjoying the great outdoors that Tahoe has to offer.  


thumbnail_20190506_140051[1].jpg Rock and Thank You.

I will pass on to the other agents.

Angela Spangler

(775) 440-8410

OLIVER Luxury Real Estate

Thank you Garry. This is very proactive!  You are our go-to tester, without hesitation. 

Don Carr


Carr Long Real Estate

Thanks to Garry's extensive expertise and knowledge, he evaluated my situation and figured out the problem without anticipated costly repairs.

Michelle Polchow

Satisfied Customer




Kings Beach

Tahoe City

West Shore


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